Thursday, January 18, 2007


All my troubles seemed so far away…until I reached the city.

That would be NYC. I was coming down to Long Island yesterday, from upstate NY, more specifically, from the Finger Lakes area. My husband and I were up there for a couple of days. It was very relaxing. We didn’t argue, didn’t bicker with each other, nor with the world. I forgot when making plans for the trip that my spinning group meeting was yesterday. I was supposed to present the program on silk cap dying. So, we decided to come home Wed morning, instead of the planned time, so I could still make the meeting. I had this all planned in my head. I was going to lecture/demonstrate for about 10 minutes, building on the December color program given by Val (master dyer, among other things), and then ask people to come try their hand at it. We had 3 tables set up, and could have about 18 people at a time. The February program will be on how to spin the caps the people dyed in January.

We left at around 10:30, Wednesday morning from upstate. The trip was fine; we were moving right along. When I hit the Bronx, I’m telling you, we came to a halt. Now, I’ve lived on Long Island for the past, oh, 20 years. I know there is traffic in the city. I know. But it was Wednesday, at around 4 pm. The traffic was supposed to start at 5ish, I thought. I lost 2 hours on a stretch that probably would normally take me 15-20 minutes to traverse. By the time I hit Nassau County, and flew to my house (in Suffolk County) to get the supplies for the meeting, I was changing colors, from shades of purple, to reds, to white. As in white hot with anger. Relaxation, schmaxation. I was back to what I left, babeeee.

When I arrived at the group meeting, there was a full house: good for the program, bad for a late presenter, who just wanted to exterminate half of the population between the Bronx and Suffolk. I forgot to bring a key piece of equipment, the hotplate Val had lent me. I made arrangements. Carol went to her house nearby to get hers. In the end, everyone got to try dying. Some people had more than one go at it. I think everyone had a good time. But I completely forgot the little planned lecture and explanation session I was going to give. It was very lucky that at the very moment I urged everyone to come to the tables and start dying already, that Val started talking about *how* to go about it. Yeah. Good one.

I also forgot my camera. Ann, very graciously, offered to take pictures. Thank you, Ann. These will show up at the group's January newsletter, which I publish, along with Carol.

I was exhausted, a bit unglued, but I had a great time anyway. Thank you everyone who helped me set up and clean up. I hope everybody had a fun time.

the workshop was fantastic --- I had no idea it was late or you were frazzled! it was informative and fun and thank you so much for presenting it!
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