Thursday, January 18, 2007


This has never happened to me before…

Yesterday morning, I was frying some eggs for breakfast, for my husband and me. We took Tuesday and Wednesday off work, and went upstate. It was like a mini-vacation. We are very particular about what foods we like, and how they are prepared. We don’t always agree with each other. However, we agree on eggs: either over medium, or sunny side up, with the bottom very crispy. They have to be fried in butter, at low temperature. By the time the bottom is done, the yolk is almost all cooked. It’s really good. Anyway, yesterday morning, I was checking on the doneness of the eggs, when one exploded on my face. I’m not kidding. The white of it exploded. I had egg white on my shoulder, on the inside of my glasses, on the counter, everywhere. Everything was okay, so I laughed it off as my stupidity for a) getting my face that close to the pan, and b) not making a slit on the egg whites so no hot air pockets would form.

Cut to yesterday, night. I’ll write about yesterday day in a second post. Wait, don’t pass out. Two posts in a day, from flittingbutterfly? It could happen.

I was sitting in bed, ready to have a snack before knitting a few rows on my current sock and falling asleep on it, as usual. I opened a bottle of orange Gato*ade (love it), and … take a guess… it exploded on my face! I had drink all over my face, hands, and shirt. Hellooooooo. Am I totally annoying food that it has to get back at me?


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