Monday, March 26, 2007


How was your weekend?

As an introduction to this post, let me clarify that both my husband and I are going for masters degrees. He works full time on one job, and 3/4s time on a second job, on the weekends. I work full time on one job only. I owe 3 long papers and 1 short one. He owes a few too.

Because of my obsession with doing well in school, I’ve learnt that I cannot knit while the semester is on. Every time I’ve attempted to do so has resulted in disaster. For example, I knit a whole shawl and neglect to work on a paper, or do the required reading for the week. Whatever.

Last Wednesday was the spinning group meeting. Should I go? Could I go? There is a short paper due on Friday for the Dewey class and I haven’t started writing it yet. Well, I’ll stay late on Thursday and handle it. I missed the February meeting due to a paper deadline (which I met, by the way, yay) and decided that no way was I missing March. Also, I was looking forward to meeting a famous blogger who joined the group. (It turned out she was sick and couldn't go. There's always April.) So I went, had a great time and filled my head with all kinds of fibery ideas from seeing other people's work and talking to everyone.

Now, on the weekends, that’s when I usually do my studying and writing. During the week, it becomes too hectic. I usually get home after 10 pm. By that time, I’m good for maybe a page or two, and usually fall asleep on the book. This past weekend was no different. I settled in for a long writing session… and… all of a sudden… I was spinning. There was fiber attenuation, petting, spinning, plying, unplying (it is precious fiber) and more spinning.

Oh, wait. I should be writing. Yeah, let me write a little more.

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