Thursday, April 05, 2007

Due to some extra financial commitments, I have been trying very hard not to indulge in serious yarn additions to the household lately. I've slipped a couple of times. Once was with a friend, who was destashing. How can I not help a friend in need (of space)? So I bought a shopping bag full of cones of yarn, about 5 different yarns, extremely resonably priced. I rationalized. The mystery shawl 6 is being knitted out of one of those cones. See, I'm knitting from the stash...

Then, someone wrote on their blog (I think it was Cara, don't recall) about a purchase they had made from a seller in Australia, The Knittery. Naturally, I went to look at their site and WOW! fell in love with their colors. Yes, I bought some. Received the yarns in about 5 or 6 days, which amazed me no end. Very nice service. Gorgeous yarn. Here they are.

This is the most delicious, happiest, smiley-est color combination (and so soft).
2 skeins of merino cashmere sock yarn - "Orange Blossoms" - pretty accurate color.

1 skein of Merino 4ply "Orchid" - the color on this one disappointed me a little. It is very beautiful, don't get me wrong. But I expected it to be more muted from the picture on their web site. I'm still happy though.

2 skeins of silk merino 2ply "Lakeside Flora" - the green on this is a little warmer, a little yellower, in real life.

1 skein of merino 4ply "Passionfruit" - pretty accurate color.

1 skein of merino 4ply "Earth" - this is a lot greener in real life (darkish green)

Now, for the time to knit!

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Your yarn is beautiful!! It wasn't me though - I've never purchased yarn from The Knittery. I might have to check it out though. Have a great day!
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