Friday, July 27, 2007


Quarterly Update

I've been knitting socks since about January or February. We went upstate and ended up driving around Geneva, NY. There is a very nice yarn store there, of which I was not aware, called Yarn Shop of Geneva. Of course I stopped in. It was the day before we were coming back home (Long Island). It was cold. I was feelling a little blue, so I bought some sock yarn and a set of dpns. Started the sock right away and have been knitting socks off and on ever since.

I make it a point to get a skein of sock yarn when I go somewhere new, or even somewhere old. It's a nice souvenir, affordable, memorable and fun. I now have Skaneateles socks (Yarn Bin), a couple of Geneva socks, Philadelphia socks (Rosie's Yarn Cellar), and Long Island socks (Granny's Yarns, The Knitting Corner, I forget). Who knows how long the sock kick will last? I ought to have lots of Long Island socks, if it continues...

the Wildfoote sock yarn you bought at the guild auction came from a yarn shop in Alfred NY!
We have some new sock yarns at Granny's. Not to enable you or anything.
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