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Yarn Waves


My husband often talks about ideas as being waves, currents that flow along one brain to the next. He is usually met with a skeptical look from me, not so much because I disagree with what he is saying, but because it is he who is saying it. The thought could be, my what a blue sky we have today! The look would be pretty much the same. This is what almost 19 years of marriage will do to a person, if separation isn’t involved at some point.

If there are currents of ideas that circulate the creative world, then there might also be currents of disasters circulating above us, picking and choosing those of us unfortunate enough to call any attention to ourselves, for instance, ABM. Of course these waves would not be called by their simple names, they have acronyms. So, ABM stands for Appliances Breakage Movement. Maybe there is a wave of appliances breakage flowing around. It passes by my house. It sees that I haven’t cleaned the refrigerator in a month and … baaam ... my frigde breaks. Not just a light bulb burning, but a full power down event. It must’ve not been that important, the wave probably thought. We’ll fix that. Or unfix, as the case might be.

Another example could be the VUAT, Vehicular Usage Adjustment Trend. Sure, we all love our cars. They take us to where we want to be (except if you have to use the LIE at rush hour, but that’s another post). We, in turn, take care of our cars. We have scheduled maintenance meetings, we clean our cars, wax them, fuss over them, or not. Some of us check the fluid levels regularly and that’s enough. Filters? Must be self changing. Preventive checking? Huh? Belts? See filters. That’s when VUAT touches land and hits the unsuspecting motorist. But it has class. It is more subtle and cunning than ABM. At least, that’s been my experience. Instead of leaving you dead in the water with a, yes, dead automobile, it makes it so that the next time you’re at the gas station filling up, they run out of gas while you’re doing it. They don’t tell you when you’re handing them your money to pay for the gas you’ll be pumping that they are running low, so it might be wise to get just a little to get you home. No. They let you give them a whole lot of money, as if you’re going to fill your tank. Then, the gas runs out. You know all the gunk on the bottom of their tank? It is now inside YOUR tank, so that every time you start up your car, you have to pump so much gas or the car will die. Then, if it dies, you have to wait at least 5 minutes for the sediment to settle so you can start the car again. Do you wonder how I know the number of minutes necessary for a start up? Because the first time this happened it took me half an hour to get the d$%^* car on again, because I kept trying to start it and just made it worse every time.

Anyway, that VUAT is really cunning. It sometimes works in conjunction with other waves, like FUMAD. I forget what the first two letters stand for in FUMAD, but MAD is definitely Modern Automobile Design. Did you know that some fuel filters are actually located inside the fuel tank, and are considered a non-serviceable part? What? Oh, that must mean that it is self-changing (see above paragraph).

It seems that lots of people around the blogosphere are having tough times now. I mostly lurk around blogs and have read quite a few accounts of things gone awry. I haven’t written about mine, but I’ll tell you, I’ve had quite a few this Summer. My only hope is that if any of the above is true, then I sure hope there are also good waves, waves of marshmallow, chocolate pudding, brand new puppies and kittens and butterflies hanging around somewhere. Oh yeah, and silk yarn waves too. They sure ain’t here, but somewhere. Maybe there’s a GW (Good Wave, fer cryin’ out loud) flying around my place sometime and it sees that I just saved two snails* from being stepped on, in the middle of the path, by moving them over to my hydrangea for a snack. Maybe the GW will be all, oh, I must rain showers of goodness in the form of piles of money, or a hiatus from *anything* breaking down, or yeah, silk yarn skeins, on this wonderful person. Wouldn’t that be cool? I’d sure blog about it.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to try and look on the bright side of things, at the risk of being cliché. I do have a lot of things to be grateful for. I know that. I’ll continue trying to dwell on them. Sometimes, it’s harder to do than others. But how great will it be when I come home to find everything that was broken, fixed, everything that was in disarray, ordered, things that hurt, not hurting anymore, my husband in a good mood – for the whole night – and yeah, piles of silk yarn on the back stoop?

*I will revisit the snails story next time.


Here is one of the current projects on my needles. It is a snood, wimple, hood, whatever, knitted out of a yummy alpaca yarn from a local breader, Jennifer Clements. The pattern is from here.


Aaaand, a little bit closer:


I wish I could do that.See you Sept.-lauri
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